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Welcome to Wellington

We are one of the world's leading suppliers of advanced electronic solutions for the commercial refrigeration industry. We help refrigeration OEMs and food, beverage and retail brands across the globe to reduce their costs, increase sales, and become more sustainable.

Our product range includes high efficiency motors, temperature controls, and cloud-based connectivity solutions. Since 2005, we have shipped over six million ECR® Series fan motors, making them the preferred choice for display cases, bottle coolers, and food service cabinets.


Our SCS™ Connect System cooler fleet management solution has been selected as a finalist in the "Most Innovative Hi-Tech Software Solution" category of the Hi Tech Awards.


Save Energy and Money with High Efficiency Fan Motors

ECR Series refrigeration fan motors use less than a third of the power of shaded pole motors, and are hydrocarbon refrigerant compatible.   Learn more...



Improve Opex and Sales with Connected Fleet Management

SCS Connect System is the affordable, effective connectivity and fleet management system for bottle coolers and food service cabinets.   Learn more...


Upgrade Cooling Performance with Smart Controls

Upgrade Cooling Performance with Smart Controls 

SCS™ Series refrigeration controllers offer intelligent standby, variable control, and easy configuration - all in a compact, water resistant package.   Learn more...


Proximity Marketing

Engage Consumers with Beacon Based Marketing

iProximity™ tools for beacon campaign management and digital coupon management get your message to consumers where it matters most.   Learn more...


 Making a Global Impact

Global Impact

Right now, our ECR motors in the field are saving - kW of power generation.

This is the output of - wind turbines, or -of New Zealand’s electricity use.

Since we began making ECR motors, they have saved - MWh of electricity.

This has reduced global CO2 emissions by - tons.