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Food Service

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Where food is being prepared and stored for human consumption, reliability and accuracy are critical. And with increasing energy costs and government efficiency regulations, energy consumption is important too.

Wellington has robust solutions which can help OEMs take the next step in cabinet efficiency, while reducing noise and providing the peace of mind of HACCP datalogging and smart maintenance.

High efficiency motors and smart controls reduce energy use 

High efficiency saves money for the restaurant owner, saves wear on refrigeration and heating systems, and helps save the planet too! So it is not surprising that customers are demanding - and governments mandating - the most efficient equipment possible.

Wellington makes some of the most efficient fan motors available. Our ECR® motors use less than a third of the power of shaded pole motors. Replacing evaporator and condenser fan motors with ECR motors can reduce the power consumption of a plug-in cooler by 25% or more.

Our SCS™ controllers feature advanced energy saving features such as LED light dimming and fan speed adjustment, letting OEMs optimise the control of any cabinet. They also have an automatic power-saving standby, saving up to 20% of energy consumption in cabinets with display lighting, and much more when non-perishables are being stored.

W Energy Savings

Advanced motor, fan, and control systems reduce noise

Quieter cabinets make customers and staff happier. The main sources of cabinet noise are compressor and fans.

Wellington's new ECR2 motor is the first refrigeration fan motor to have three phase "Field Oriented" control - the smoothest EC drive technology available. This makes ECR2 the quietest motor in its class. Our biomimetic fans are among the quietest available also.

ECR1 and ECR2 motors' speed can also be programmed in the factory or the field. So you can tune each cabinet model to have the minimum airflow - and noise - needed, and to avoid any resonances in the system. Plus, when these motors are used with SCS controls, evaporator and condenser fan speeds can be independently set by the controller, and even varied in real time, allowing airflow and noise to suit the environment and load levels: a cabinet in an airconditioned café doesn't need the airflow of one outside in the sun, and quietness is more important.

SCS controllers also have outputs to control the speed of variable capacity compressors, for the ultimate in noise control and efficiency.

Noise Testing

Accurate, logged temperatures preserve product and enhance food safety

Our SCS Connect refrigeration controller accepts up to 5 temperature sensors or analog inputs, and has 4 relay and 3 low voltage PWM outputs. So you can optimise temperature control and performance the way you want it. And with dynamically variable fan speeds and the ability to control VCC compressors, extremely stable temperature control can be achieved across a variety of operating conditions. Wellington can work with major customers to enable the control strategy of your choice, allowing you to optimise performance the way you want it.

For the security of recorded and traceable food storage conditions, SCS Connect controllers log up to a month's temperature and performance data, which is easily viewable via a smartphone app. And with SCS Connect System fleet management software you can keep a permanent record, as well as getting other benefits like smart maintenance and asset tracking. For major customers, Wellington can customise the telemetry system to interface with your existing HACCP software.

SCS Connect reporting

Dual-voltage and configurable components simplify your supply chain

Wellington knows that OEMs have a wide range of cabinet models, and need to minimise their inventory and supply chain complexity, while maintaining the flexibility to supply customers at short notice. That's why we have made it easy. With Wellington, your motor, fan, and controller needs can be simplified.

Wellington's ECR motors work efficiently with a wide range of fan sizes, meaning you don't need to carry multiple motor power levels. Our ECR2 motors and SCS controllers have automatic dual-voltage capability, allowing you to use a single model for 100-240V applications. And most of our products can be configured quickly and easily on the production line or in the field, meaning you don't need to decide in advance what cabinet models they are going into.


Customisable functions and appearance differentiate your products

Our SCS controllers are easy to customise to give a unique appearance that suits your brand. Their small size and good IP rating means they can be fitted wherever suits the look of your product. And the large range of settable parameters mean you can create operating modes that suit your needs. For advanced OEMs, Wellington can also work with you to implement your own unique control algorithms in SCS controllers.

ECR motors can also be programmed with a range of functions to suit your cabinets' needs. Examples include timed reverse, delayed speed changes, or different forward and backwards speeds.

Customised SCS Controllers

iBeacon location-based marketing connects with customers

Retailers and restaurants are increasingly using digital marketing to enhance sales, and iBeacon® is the "next big thing" in location-based marketing. To make location based campaigns easy, Wellington's SCS refrigeration controls have a built-in iBeacon. Unlike conventional iBeacon "buttons", it can never get lost or stolen, and there is no battery to go flat. And our smartphone-based Service interface allows easy configuration.

Want to know more about iBeacon? Learn more here


Wellington products for Food Service applications

ECR Series EC refrigeration fan motors

Metal and plastic fans and baskets

ECF Series axial and tangential (crossflow) fanpack assemblies

SCS Series fan speed controllers and refrigeration controls

SCS Connect System telemetry and HACCP logging solutions


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